What is Evaporative Cooling?

In India Matka or earthen pot is used to get cool water in summer. This Pot uses Basic principle of evaporation to cool the water. There are many tiny pores in the mud pot which form passage for water molecules to come out and form a very thin layer around the pot. When air passes through, the water absorb the heat from water inside and air and gets evaporated. As a result of this we gets cool water.

Our sweating is another best experienced example for evaporation. On exertion our body gets heated, and body sweats automatically. Sweat get evaporated by absorbing body heat. We also feet cooling effect when the breeze of air passes through our body.

Our Evaporative Air Coolers use the same principle of evaporation to cool your industries or commercial spaces. These coolers are available from range of 10,000 CFM to 1,00,000 CFM.

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