DRI Industrial Air Cooler – 85000 CMH/ 50000 CFM With Blower (Rigid Metal Body)


DRI is Indian base MNC having more than 40 years of existence in the field of Air Engineering. DRI having eleven manufacturing facilities across the globe and seven out of them are in India located in Haryana and Rajasthan. DRI also manufactures highly efficient cooling pads under the brand name EcoCool.

AEC-500 is a direct evaporative air cooler capable to cater 11500-13000 square feet of area. It is made up of GSS body with FRP lining in Water Tank. Available in the choice of Top and Side Discharge. Provided with Pressure relief valve, quick feel, overflow and auto-cut arrangement for make-up water.

  • With AMCA Certified Nicotra/Krugar DIDW Blower
  • Designed for low RPM for low noise and trouble free operations
  • Available Air discharge – Top, Side
  • Comes with 20 Micron Filter
  • High Volume Low Head Water Pump

Product Description

Drop in Temperature upto 17°C

DRI Air Coolers with more than 90% efficient EcoCool Pads capable to reduce indoor temperature up to 17°C.

Rigid Metal Body

DRI Air Coolers comes with CNC Fabricated High Quality Galvanized Steel Casing. DRI Cooler Water Tanks are with FRP lining long life.

Low Operating Noise

DRI air coolers are designed for low RPM for lower noise level. Which help us reduce sound pollution.

Suitable For Open Area Cooling

DRI evaporative air coolers uses principle of air change, hence best suited for open area cooling.

Fresh, Filtered, Oxygen Rich Cool Air Every Time

By using DRI Evaporative air coolers you will get fresh, filtered oxygen rich cool air every time.

Energy Efficient And Eco-Friendly

DRI evaporative air coolers consumes only 25% of electricity as compared to conventional air conditioners and does not use any kind of hazardous coolants.

Technical Specifications

Weight 1750 kg
Dimensions 3100 x 3675 x 2500 mm
Air Discharge Options Side Discharge
Airflow Capacity 85000 CMH/ 50000 CFM
Area Caters (Approx) 11500 – 13000 Square Feet
Cooling Pads 200mm EcoCool Honeycomb Cooling Pads
Duct Connection 1600 x 1600 mm
External Static Pressure 320 pa/ 1.26 inches
Fan Type AMCA Certified Nicotra/Krugar DIDW Blower
Power 22 kW
Speed Options Single Speed
Water Consumption 35-40 Liters/ Hour
Water Tank Capacity 1186 Liters