Industrial Air Cooling System – How it Works?

In a nutshell, the concept of industrial air cooling system is simple and easy to understand, although executing it requres a lot of expertise and experience tirelessly working behind the scenes. Let us look at the working of an industrial air cooling system.

  • The cooling system involves water, and therefore, the process starts with propelling water from a source required to dampen the cooling pad.
  • Once the cooling pad is sufficiently damp, the fan or the blower pulls warm air from the atmosphere and passes it through the wet/ damp cooling pad.
  • Once the warm air comes in contact with the wet cooling pad and passes through it, it cools down through the process of evaporation.
  • Further, once sufficiently cooled, the cooled air is let out in the inner surroundings, thus forming a cycle of the input and the output.

Benefits of Enginature Industrial Air Cooling System

At Enginature, we understand that customers approach us not only for our affordable products but because of the benefits that we offer them through our innovative and top-quality products.

100% Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient Products

We employ the application of only environment-friendly cooling agents and avoid using hazardous cooling agents. Therefore, our products prove useful in reducing the carbon footprint and thus promote a healthy and eco-friendly cooling mechanism.

Lowered Energy Consumption

Our products affordable and prove to be cost-effective from the energy consumption viewpoint as well. Through our evaporative cooling systems, we help you lower the energy consumption by upto 90%. Besides, our products ensure temperature-drops upto 15 degree Celsius.

Why Enginature?

Here are some reasons as to why we boast about ourselves being the most widespread and the best industrial air cooler manufacturers.

Strong Network of Industrial Air Cooler Traders

We’ve built a strong and trustworthy network of industrial air cooler wholesalers, who guide you in buying the best product based on your requirement and attend all your fundamental concerns.

Uncompromised Quality

At Enginature, rendering top-quality products has always been our principle agenda. Therefore, we always use the best quality raw material, and our coolers are built under the strict and expert guidance of our expert supervisors. Through our state of the art infrastructure, we facilitate the manufacturing of premium quality industrial air cooling systems.

Wide Product Range

Considering the diverse needs of different types of infrastructural set-ups, Enginature offers a wide range of installation-ready advanced evaporative air coolers, ranging from 6800 CMH (4000 CFM) to 170000 CMH (100000 CFM). So, if you are industrial air cooler explorer, Enginature is the right place to choose the best match!

Quick Delivery and After-Sales Service

At Enginature, we nurture a team of highly dedicated and expert professionals that especially look after our customers, working towards customer delight. From product delivery management to after-sales service, we are involved in all the aspects of customer service.