Enginature Duct Coolers – Designed and Built for Optimum Output!

Rising energy prices have always been the prime area of concern for business owners. However, besides rising energy prices, inability towards optimum utilization of resources/ raw material has also been a confrontation for business owners who’ve been religiously pumping in resources, however, unable to fetch the desired output. Industrial cooling is not an exception to this. Air conditioners and air coolers have been the two most important channels of industrial cooling. But, compared to an air conditioner, an air cooler consumes less energy. An air cooler, on the other hand, is said to be reasonable on the energy consumption part, and subsequently on lowering the operational costs, coupled with a better payback capacity.

Most of the factories, workshops, corporate offices, shop floors, etc. resort to industrial air coolers in place of air conditioners, given the low energy consumption levels, and the low operating and maintenance costs associated with it. One of the most efficient types of industrial air coolers is the duct cooler. Our blog, this time, will be focusing on a few important aspects pertaining to ducting coolers.

What is Duct Cooler?

Ducting cooler which is also referred to as centralized air cooling system is a type of industrial air cooling system that involves heat transfer through a passage (referred as duct). A Duct is a collection of tubes or transfer channels that distribute air to the different sections of a space covered under it. Installing a duct cooler involves cost, however, is deemed to be less expensive compared to installing an air conditioner.

Why Enginature’s Duct Air Cooler for Industrial Use?

Maharashtra, in particular, is categorized as a temperate zone with temperatures at some places going beyond 45 degree Celsius during the peak afternoon hours. In such a case, it becomes imperative for business owners to strike a balance between cost and energy effectiveness, and maintaining a cool and fresh working environment for the employees. Ducting coolers are installed with an aim to centralize the air cooling systems, facilitating fresh and cool air throughout the covered area, and at the same time, control the energy consumption levels. Therefore, given the temperature scenario, duct coolers prove to be an ideal industrial cooling choice.

Enginature, is one of the leading ducting air cooler manufacturers in Pune, India that facilitate hassle-free installation, energy efficient ducting air coolers catering to all the industrial air cooling requirements of various industries and corporate offices.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Enginature’s duct coolers over other players in the industry.

Efficiency Compared to the Counterparts

Energy efficient systems have always been in vogue, and will never go out of trend. Enginature’s ducting coolers have been designed with the latest technology fostering energy savings with each and every minute of operation. Enginature duct air cooling system brings down the energy consumption levels by up to 85%, thus considerably lowering the operational costs as well. Enginature’s duct air cooling system employs high-quality motors consuming less amount of energy compared to other cooling mediums.

Maximum and Prudent Usage of Water

Enginature believes in building eco-friendly products that not only support the environment but also make optimum utilization of the available resources, thus avoiding wastage. Enginature’s duct air coolers are a perfect example of amachine that makes optimum and prudent use of water for cooling. The principal reason behind this is the high-quality cooling pad which completely absorbs the water supplied and gives a comparatively higher output. Hence, with Enginature’s duct coolers you can be assured of the maximum utilization of the supplied water and the prevention of wastage of water.

Low Installation Cost

While on one hand, the installation cost of an air conditioning system could be high, the installation cost of an air cooling, on the other hand, is not only comparatively low but brings in other benefits as well! Enginature’s ducting air cooling systems are not as intricate as the air conditioning ones. The mechanisms are simpler and hassle-free. Therefore, unlike installing an air conditioning system, installing a ducting air cooler is simple, hassle-free and inexpensive. Moreover, besides installation, maintaining an Enginature ducting air cooler is not as difficult and expensive either.

Lower Maintenance Operations and Cost

Enginature duct coolers are not only efficient but also do not incur a lot of maintenance costs. Also, the maintenance process of Enginature duct coolers is not as complex as its competitors’ and coolers need not be frequently maintained. This is on account of the high quality external as well as internal tools and raw material used in building these highly efficient duct coolers.

Application of Enginature Ducting Cooler

Enginature is one of the leading duct cooler manufacturers in the country. Owing to the quality of the products and highly proficient after-sales service, most of the leading corporate offices, manufacturing units, etc. prefer installing Enginature’s duct coolers. Enginature’s duct coolers are used in various units such as automobile shop floors, workshops, different types of manufacturing units, corporate offices, hotels, warehouses, etc.

Ordering Enginature Ducting Cooler at the Best Ducting Cooler Price

Enginature has built a strong network of online as well as physical sellers in the market. These are industrial duct cooler wholesalers who have ample experience and expertise of selling industrial air coolers, and who guide the customers throughout the process, including identifying the best ducting cooler to selling it and answering all the queries associated with the duct cooler price, operations, maintenance, installation, after-sales service, etc.

So are you still incurring excess energy consumption costs with less efficient cooling systems? Well, then it’s time for you to change the way you cool your workplace! To get your package of efficient and powerful duct coolers through the best duct cooler manufacturers, visit http://www.easyaircoolers.in Or you may get in touch with +91 9075002006