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Extreme hot weathers could adversely affect the overall efficiency of the equipment, machinery, and assets. Nagpur is a city which is notorious for its high temperatures during the summers. The daily maximum temperatures could be as high as 44-45 degree Celsius! Nagpur’s annual average temperature is approximately 33-33.5 degree Celsius which makes it one of the hottest cities in the country. Continuous exposure towards intense heat could damage equipment, cause them to overheat, and could also result in breakdown and subsequent expenses. In such circumstances, it is important for business owners to install top-quality industrial air cooling systems, and the only way out here is Enginature! Here’s more to Enginature industrial air cooling systems, for the industrial air cooler explorers!

Industrial Area of Nagpur

Nagpur is a growing industrial hub, as well as one of the prospective IT hubs of the country. Nagpur is home to two major MIDCs premises in Maharashtra, Butibori, and Hingna. Butibori is known to be one of the largest industrial areas in Asia with respect to the total area. The major businesses running around Nagpur and its industrial areas are textiles (including woolen yarn), forging, engineering, metal processing, gas, automobiles, etc. Besides these major ones, there are a lot of small-scale workshops conducting different kinds of businesses. Also, as said above, Nagpur is also one of the future IT hubs of the country.

Looking at the high temperatures of the city and the nature of operations carried out at each of the above businesses, it is imperative to have a reliable industrial air cooler dealer. Enginature caters to the industrial cooling requirements of all the above industries, manages the installation part based onthe different layouts of the production floor and the administrative office, and over and above, renders excellent pre-sales and post-sales services, thus contributing to a better working environment.

The Need for Enginature’s Industrial Air Cooling Systems in Nagpur

Why do you need industrial air cooling systems in Nagpur? Continuous exposure towards intense heat and humidity has a negative impact on the overall productivity and efficiency of the equipment as well as the manpower working in the unit. Intense heat could result in fatigue, thereby affecting labour productivity. Moreover, it also indicates a poor and unhealthy work environment to the most important resources of the unit. Enginature’s high-technology, innovative, and highly efficient industrial air cooling systems not only curb the heat effect but also emit fresh cool air, reduce the humidity, thus enabling better and cooler working conditions to the employees.

How does an Industrial Evaporative Air Cooler in Nagpur Work?

Industrial evaporative coolers are considered to be the best choice for Nagpur, owing to its hot and dry climate. Evaporative air coolers work best in such a kind of climate, lowering the overall temperature and facilitating the cooling effect. Let us look at the working of an evaporative industrial cooler.

  • The evaporative industrial cooling system starts with propelling water from a source required to dampen the cooling pad.
  • Once the cooling pad is turned damp, the fan or the blower pulls the external warm air and passes it through the damp cooling pad.
  • The warm air, once in contact with the wet cooling pad, passes through it and cools down. This takes place through the process of evaporation.
  • Further, once sufficiently cooled, the cooled air is released in the inner surroundings.

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